CQF - Keys Question

Just wanted to follow up and see how your experience has been. I saw that you were planning on completing this.

Completed it in August 2010. Alot of work during the program; the end project is very time consuming. Mostly focused on derivative pricing with some GARCH, time series, etc…thrown in the mix; but the faculty is heavily expanding in later programs the stats and time series components. Much of the exciting content is in the ‘Life long learning’ extras. I would say, it’s very focused; intensive but not extreme. Very valuable if you don’t wanna go full time MFE. Thinking of taking it?

Thinking about it. I feel like I want to improve some of my quant skills so I can go a little propeller head when talking to clients and have a framework to look at risk in my fund. Also, I’m a nerd.

I’m quite nerdy myself. The core program will really only be beneficial if you deal heavily in derivatives; it is a traditional quant finance program which focuses less on drawn out academic derivations (though it does have these, but less of them) from an MFE. Doesn’t currently go into substantial content of pairs trading, HFT, etc… in the core; this is reserved for the extras. If you have more personal questions on it, feel free to email me: TheKeys007@gmail.com