cracking cfa level 2 in 4 months with a full time job possible? ?

Hello ppl, like many of you I too have just cleared cfa level 1 exam and have recently got schweser materials for l2. My my there are 56 readings and a lot more reading and practising to be done. My question to fellow candidates is -is it possible to clear l2 in june’15 when you have afull time job from 9 am to 6 pm with 2 hrs of commute daily and a weekend to spare each week.

Well, I’m going for it, and from my previous research it’s definately doable, but difficult. There are just under 18 weeks left, so if you can manage 20 hours a week until test day I’d think most people would have a decent shot at passing. Everyone is different though. The way I look at it, yes I lose the Reg Fee if I fail, but you can’t pass unless you try, and it’s that many hours under your belt to build upon and prepare for the exam again in a year if you fail.

I guess you just have to be ready to give up your nights and weekends for the next four months and go for gold!

Good luck!

^ my thoughts.

Two hours every night, 5 hours on Saturday, 5 hours on Sunday: there’s your 20 hours per week.

Make sure that you’re really studying during that time: no internet, no Formula 1, no chatting with the wife, husband, kids, parents, girlfriend, boyfriend, no playing with the dog, cat, horse; just nose-to-the-grindstone, eye-on-the-ball, shoulder-to-the-wheel studying.

(Note: on June 7 you’ll probably have to see a chiropractor.)

Thank u all for the replies n all d best.Those words were definitely encouraging:)

Listen to S2000, he knows better than anyone…

I’m in the same boat with regards to level II, but not too worried. As long as you stick to your schedule, you should be okay.

Hey Siddharth

I’m in the same boat as you (although I started in Jan). So there’s obvious drawbacks from passing L1 in Dec and going for L2 in June. But I’m starting to realize that we have some advantages as well.

Our biggest advantage is gettting back into our study habits should be easier than someone who passed in June. I rested for 3 weeks then got into L2 material so no big change. If you pass L1 in June have 4-5 months until you started studying again. Just enough time to get your life back just to give it up agian.

Our next big advantage we got is that the material is still fresh. I like to think that I hit the ground running. The next advantage is…well honestly I think that all we got. But hey gotta take what you can get. Happy studying

I passed L1 in December and just started studying at the beginning of the month.

There’s plenty of time. Don’t panic. If your’e studying Schweser or ELAN, just follow this simple schedule. There’s 5 books in total so you can follow them in any order. I’m going to go through them while watching videos. I’ll hold off doing practice/mock exams until April/May

February - Two books

March - Two books

April - One book in the first half of the month, start practice questions, mock exams

May - Practice, practice, practice. This is where formulas will begin to stick and you have plenty of time to review

June - One week before exam. Review formulas and maybe do one or two mock exams.


do you include days off from your job in your schedule?

(I have a similar one)

You give me way too much credit.

4 months is plenty of time. Crunch time is fun. I love the adrenalin flow. + you guys are miles ahead of me. If you’d like to know how your study schedule compares to mine… I passed Level I two years ago and then took a break. I’m just now starting to study for Level II - everthing looks so brand new! LOL! I’m closing in on FRA & derivatives. I figure ithe rest will all come together by exam day. I don’t have what I’m going to study/review mapped out. I study 5 hours/day/ 7days/week. I’m sure I’ll have some anxiety attacks now and again, but what’s an exam without moments of doubt?