cracking true or false question

Individual securities do not lie on the CML or the Markowitz efficient frontier. true or false?


Thats what I thought… BUT…wont an individual security that offers the HIGHEST possible return plot on the efficient frontier?

hmmmm, can’t give a precise answer…individual securities are inefficient “portfolios” that’s the way i see it

but the efficient frontier’s ‘end points’ have to be the assets offering the lowest and highest returns… I need to STOP!!

sarah, take a good hour of sleep after lunch if possible…i did it and even so i continue to feel very near to burn out mode…not a good prosect for tomorrow…

Individual securities do not plot on the CML, entire portfolios plot on the CML. The same applies for the efficient frontier. The CML is a straight line because you can lend and borrow to create an optimal portfolio whereas you cannot on the efficient frontier.