Create Your Own FlashCards


I would like to create my own CFA Level II flashcards. In order to be more efficient, we can share the work together.

If someone is interested please reply to this post or contact me.


You’ll learn and retain more by doing it all yourself.

To piggyback on JBrowntown’s post, I found that I retained more information I studied by writing it down, not by reviewing what I’d written. I made 3 - 4 sets of flashcards: I’d write them, then throw them away and write them again. I never studied them.

That might help you :

have to agree with the posts above. I found the textbook method was a huge factor in my Level 1 pass (writing the concepts in my own words). I did a large word doc similar to Schweser’s Secret Sauce but if notecards are your thing, Im sure its a similar concept.