Creating a Fact Sheet for a product

Ok, so I’ve been assigned the task of creating a fact sheet for one of my firms products. Any ideas on what software is best to use, or what most companies use? I’m thinking Word, Publisher, Photoshop are all options, but what do most firms use? Thanks

If it’s going to be really slick photo shop is gonna be your best bet, but you can do a pretty professional job with a nice word layout.

Concentrate on writing with MS Word and Excel, although Scrivener is also a great software for organizing ideas and getting them into text, if you need more than just word for that. They now have a version for Windows (or at least a beta version), and it’s great. When you’re done with the content, then use something like PageMaker (now InDesign) to do the layout. Photoshop is really just for photos and overkill/overtedious for about anything else. In any case, you probably shouldn’t be doing layout, unless there is no other work for you to do; if your firm is large, they should already have a staff for this, and if it is small, you probably should be outsourcing layout to a graphic designer.

Thanks bchad and Black Swan, BChad my firm is really tiny, like 6 people, even though we have a healthy AUM, so I think this is something they are expecting me to handle. I’ve got something already made in Word that looks pretty good, and is basically just a clone of the other companies (Fido, PIMCO), but it just doesn’t pop. I could send either of you a copy if you’d like. Also I’ll have to check out InDesign, I’ve heard of it, but haven’t really investigated yet. I’ll take a look at it if I get time tomorrow.