Creating equity and div yield

Just want to clear something up… we don’t really need to use div yield to create an equity position since the formula already contains the effect of reinvesting the dividends ( if you had an actual stock position) Also you only use the div yield to determine the amt of stocks you are/would actually purchase today based on the no of contracts you are long. Would that be a correct assesment?

no takers? I want to put this at rest

I believe you are correct. I think you need the dividend yield only if they ask “how many shares have you effectively purchased/sold?” Otherwise, only care about the number of shares it will be at the end, which is just contract x multiplier.

I think higgmond is correct.

florinpop, you know better than others and you are asking ? well for this one to be put at rest, I think you are right. I read the book on this one today, and did examples (just two) and did not like it a bit. div yield was there like a decoration but only used to check the amount of stocks, so yes, you are absolutely right.

flapechino - i have the majority of concepts at a decent level but I am struggling because of lack of practice. so I am trying my best to close that gap now