Creating Video Lessons for the CFA Exams


I feel like that I can create good video lessons and put them out for free with an option to donate (I will want to make money out of them eventually; I can’t start greedy.)

I know I can make good videos. I don’t have a strong CV to support my credibility, but I know I understand the material well and that I am able to put it in a simplified and concise manner.

My plan is to create something that replaces reading the books. The plan for my users would be to watch all the videos then go straight to practice.

Is there an over-supply of those videos? I am assuming that market forces would result in an over-supply, like almost everything else.

Do you guys support the idea?

Well there definitely isn’t an oversupply of free videos.

That being said I feel like making a series of video lectures to replace the curriculum is a huge undertaking, and probably will not make you much money, all the videos out there to my knowledge are more review than replacement, and that’s from organizations that already have instructors and experience (although maybe there are replacement quality videos, I could be wrong). So understand what your getting yourself into.

lastly, and not to come down too hard on you, but it says your studying for level II currently, what makes you so sure you will be an effective teacher in a difficult environment (it will be more difficult to effectively teach without classroom feedback than with it).

I would just focus on passing level II for now if I were you.

I think I’ll make a trial video and post it in this forum and see, after I pass level II though. Anyway, you are right, I need to focus on the exam and stop manipulating myself to waste more time.

…no offense, but a Level II candidate making online videos for a price has to be one of the worst ideas I’ve heard in a while.


Look up CFA licensing fee first, I support the idea in and of itself, but the licensing fee might make you re-think the whole idea.

Guys can you tell me what program Irfanullah uses? I am planning to start working on this :smiley: