credit analysis 4

A very similar analysis is required for which two types of debt? a. municipal bonds and asset backed securities b. sovereign debt and corporate bonds c. municipal bonds and sovereign debt d. corporate bonds and asset backed securities (e. f@ck me)

C? You gotta look at trends from a socioeconomic perspective (I think thats the term Schweser used).

You can eliminate a and d. I’d say B

b they both look at ability and willingness

would say c

c fo sho. i think


fcuk this question. yeah b or c makes sense but c is closer.

I want to let the tension accumulate

for c they’re both govts…similar 4cs

i want to go to bed please florinpop

Pinkman is on a roll/slash has it going too B is correct I chose C

good night sguazza


makes sense both need: ability to pay, willingness to pay

thank you

oh man i had it right the first time