Credit analyst

Hi guys Do you think that working as a credit analyst in an investment bank for a first job is a goog thing??? During this time, I am planning to pass at least level 1 and 2 of the CFA program. What kind of job could I get after this job if I stay, let’s say, one year??? Thank you your help

Define credit analyst: Do you mean a counterparty credit analyst (looking at the bank’s exposures to certain names, etc…)? Or do you mean a publishing credit analyst (like an equity analyst, but covering bonds/CDS instead of stocks)? The latter is a client facing role with job functionality that is, at a high level, close to an equity analyst. Not that the former is a bad job either. There are people in my group that came from a counterparty credit analyst role.

its better then being an IR at a DB. so go for it. it can be much worst.

Here you have the details of the job: 1. To quantify, qualify and to ensure the follow up of Counterparty/Credit Risks (client & prospects) and Exposures of an assigned portfolio (pilots and contributors), in order to enable decision makers to commit the bank in acceptable Deals/Relationships and to control the global Risk Exposure/profitability the Bank undertakes. 2. To ensure the data collection and consistency and to analyse/exploit all relevant internal and external information (memos, annual reports, financial statements, industrial / sector-based analysis, brokers notes, press, web sites information…) on his/her clients’ portfolio, in order to be the client reference for le bank. 3. To act as an interface amongst the different participants of the Credit Process: CIB and FRB networks, Business lines and poles, Global Risk Management, Portfolio Management. 4. To advise and to assist Relationship Managers on the banking relationship follow up and on the analysis of client profitability (Raroc / Ceva approach), in order to better identify credit and counterparty risks.

"Do you think that working as a credit analyst in an investment bank for a first job is a goog thing??? " goog is trading below its 200 day average now, so not sure why you’d want it to be a goog thing. seriously though, the job sounds OK, counterparty credit analyst. All depends on what other opportunities you’re comparing it to. If it’s the only opportunity you’ve got, it’s great and you should take it. Otherwise, it’s hard to tell whether it’s your best opportunity without knowing the rest of your opportunity set.

I’d say it can be interesting since you’ll learn many things about financial statements, firms, your bank’s processes, etc. Nevertheless, the job could be a bit borring since it very often consists in working on databases, computing and exporting ratios, etc. I wouldn’t have done it for more than 2 years and as a first or second job. For the opportunities I have no ideas, it depends so much on your diplomas, network and the job market trends… and I have no examples. Cheers

i think i ll do this job during one year, try to get my level 2 in June and my level 1 of the CAIA in September then, in january 2009, I ll try to find another job in another area like equity research . i hope i ll be able to make the jump thank you for your help guys