Credit Review (Credit Analyst position)

Hi…I’m supposed to do a credit review on a firm as part of an application for a Credit Analyst position for a fixed income shop…any one have any examples of these? Just want to make sure I dont write dumb things etc…


What do you mean credit review? Like a Moody’s or Fitch style review? Or a bond analysis report (similar to a stock report)? They are not exactly the same although clearly there is some overlap.

I think its more of a bond analysis report…perhaps the type you would present to your PM…I think…

What type of firm are you researching? Have you read many ER reports (so I can phrase things within that context and just highlight the differences)?

A few bulge bracket reports publish credit analysis reports (that are very similar to equity reports). If you have some tickers in mind I could send you some research. The main difference is that instead of talking about EPS, you are looking at cash flow, leverage, interest coverage, etc. but the gist is the same for the most part. A lot of the reports I read still refer to EBTIDA.

Basically I’m applying for a firm that invests in fixed income (investment grade), and they asked me to do a “credit review” on a 2-3 firms. I’m assuming rather than a Fitch/Moodys report its more of an investment oriented report, but I could be wrong. Basically it is a bank that I’m supposed to do. Havent read many ER reports yet…

^ Didn’t you get a new job less than a year ago?


Oh…I thought Frank started a thread a while ago congratulating you about your new job. Maybe it was someone else.

the proactive thing to do is already have a few examples of research including equity and some alternative asset. if that is your focus