Credit Risk Analyst

Hello all, I am currently a Level III candidate with an undergrad degree living in Vienna, Austria. The job market for graduates in Austria is tough, and my options of working in other European countries are severely limited due to citizenship restraints. I have been offered a job at one of the largest commercial/investment banks in the country (which means it’s still tiny on an international scale) as a credit risk analyst for financial institutions in Russia and central Asia, and wanted to discuss a potential career progression toward buy-side (I know, I know, everyone wants to go to buy side). Is this sort of progression even feasible, and if yes, how could I steer toward it? I plan on getting 3 years of experience before heading to B-School for an MBA.

Any advice would be most appreciated. Thanks in advance!

I’m not sure how to answer the question. It’s possible to move to the buy side, but still unlikely.

Anyway, the only thing that should matter here is maximizing your opportunity set. If this is the best or only offer you have, then the question is pointless.

I know the question is pointless, since this is the only job offer I have in a sea of internships (that are basically a waste of time since interns aren’t given real work here). Considering that I would like to get experience asap that could eventually count toward the requirements for the CFA charter, I don’t regret my decision. At the same time, I am experiencing what you might term “buyer’s remorse” and wanted to ask this forum what my future career options are. I’ve heard of credit risk analysts moving to Big Four accounting firms’ advisory teams, after which a move to buy side might be achievable… or am I completely off base here?

Once again, thanks!

credit risk is very hard to get out, best thing is if you can get jump to a CRA and focus on a sector which will get you more fundamental training, you can move to a buyside fixed income firm from there. But if you have any, i mean any equity research or IB internships offers those are vastly superior to the ft credit risk role if your ultimate goal is to move to the buyside.

Interns at IB shops don’t do anything either, it’s all about the perception of it that will help you land at some place much better than credit risk after it.

Thanks, I hadn’t considered work at a CRA! I know that it’s possible to move around between various departments in this firm (very supportive department head), so I’ll certainly try that after two years, after which I’d probably consider a move to hotter markets anyway.

I work as a credit risk analyst for an IB covering European banks. I also cover the HY prop desk when they purchase small ticket in HY bonds, CLOs and ABS.

Work is cushty, money is ok, people are nice. Personally I wouldn’t want to move to different role.

Moving into a front office role after working in Credit is certainly doeable and many I know have done it. But going into buy-side investment would take a lot of work and knowledge. You could move to sell-side though if u get enough knowledge of your sector.

be the best credit analyst you can be. its all about effort and what you bring to the job.

if you like the job take it and crush it.

so who are you shorting?

That seems like sage advice. Thanks!!

(not in any way meant sarcastically)