Credit VS Investment Banking

I work in the corporate credit Dept at a commercial Bank as a credit analyst, and i was just thinking after passing level one to move to investment banking ? what do you think about the Move ?! should i go or should i stay ?!

this has got to be a joke…


  1. Having the L1 alone shouldn’t be sufficent to get you into investment banking. CFA isn’t really an IB designation, it’s an IM credential. 2. You are a credit analyst and a CFA L1 and you don’t know what the world of investment banking entails? You should be able to anwser this question for yourself.

Well, I am able to answer, and I am not asking about the difference between investment and credit,!!! My question is about what is more valuable, I mean as a practical business, I have only seen the credit side, so I want to hear from someone worked in IB. anybody can help ?!

Sorry dude… you are a credit analyst and have no clue on career paths. You need to take control of your life; otherwise, as the legend has it, someone else certainly will.

Yea - this is silly. In this market, ACTUAL investment bankers can’t keep being investment bankers, and you want some middle office mid-market junior staffer to get into the bloodbath that is now called high finance? Keep working, keep getting that CFA, try for an MBA and for goodness sake, network with people in investment banking and front office jobs to understand how it all works (not just valuing a bond, but the actual work, networks, hiring, and evaluation). What do you mean should I stay or should I go? If you can go, go. I don’ get it?

I work at McDonalds, but just got a culinary certification from U of Pheonix online, do you think Smith & Wolensky will hire me as head chef?

You guys are too aggressive with the poor guy, although the question is pretty basic. IB is MUCH better than credit analysis. If you can get in, do it, don’t even hesitate one second - the work is MUCH more interesting and well remunerated. But these are tough moments in IB, so I reckon that your chances are pretty small. As another person mentioned, do an MBA; that at the moment is your best option to change careers. Also, go on websites like to have a better idea about the world of IB, they have some decent sector profiles.

thank you AudioSolvay you are really the only one that helped me, and it is not tough moments in IB every where in the world, i am working in emerging markets at the middle east and it is still a virgin markets for IB, so i am already have opportuintes, thats why i was asking your advice …

If you can, of course do it. You get to work on deals instead of backing into someone else’s risk parameters, and you get to understand what it means to bank, instead of analyzing.