Creighton 4-day boot camp for Level 3?

I only see posts from CFA Jay about this 4-day boot camp. Anyone have any personal experience with this, possibly in a previous level? I’m considering it, and I read in other threads that its better than the Schweser 3-day course. It is from May 12 to 15, 8:30am to 6:30pm each day in Omaha, Nebraska. I know some may say its better to just spend those 4 days studying on your own. But I feel like I need a chance of pace, and to hear the information from a different perspective.

*i mean change, not chance, of pace.

Went last year, am going this year. It won’t sub for slacking the rest of the time but is very well done. Caveat, looks like class size will be substatially larger this year.

I’m heading to Omaha as well. My hope is to do a very high level pass through the EOC’s prior, maybe some backfill on certain topics using Qbank, to come in prepared enough so that nothing is unfamiliar. Hopefully that will be enough prep for the class.

I bit the bullet and signed up. Looking forward to it.