Creighton's Masters in Security Analysis and Portfolio Management

For someone working full time, without the ability to attend a top ranked graduate program, what do you all think of Creighton’s Masters in Security Analysis and Portfolio Management program? Would it be respected by potential employers or is it a complete waste? $32,000 is a lot to pay for just going over the CFAI material, if the degree isn’t respected. Any thoughts?

I suspect that the finance education you can get at Creigton is on-par with that of any other university in the country. But with any masters, the majority of the payoff comes not from what you learn, but from the reputation and brand of the school. It’s not so much that a degree from Craighton wouldn’t be respected. It’s more that – once you get outside a 50 mile radius of Omaha Nebraska – no finance employer will have ever heard of Creigthon. (Unless they are other AnalystForum addicts. In that case, they will recognize the Craighton name from seeing the Craighton banner ad 1000 times a day.)

Thanks Wendy. I’m from about 1,000 miles from Omaha, but I’ve heard of Creighton. The only reason though, is because they had a decent basketball team a while back. I mentioned it today to a guy I work with and like you said, he’d never heard of them.

32k is way too much for something which covers much less than what CFA covers.