Critique Reviewing Strategy?

Edit - Also i will use this as a Daily Log regarding Any Questions i have while i’m doing EOC. I have Posted some questions (NOT IN THE OP). Plz if you can help that be amazing. Also Mods if this is against the rule please let me know i will delete this.

Have not read Ethics at all or Derivatives. (this my 2nd attempt at CFAI, i did fairly okay on Ethics on CFAI real exam). Ethics i’m intending to leave till last so it can set in anyway please critique my study plan.

Question 1- How many questions will Derivatives & Alternative cover this time since they are 7%?

Edit - Will be Devoting At least 10 Hours a day till June 5th

Also thinking of Skipping DE

Key log

Full Review + Plus any Major review of Weak area’s in that subject + EOC Questions & Q Bank = ®

Ethics = ES

DE = Derivative & Alternative investment


14 = Equity ® + CF ® + ES I

15 = Eco ® + ES II

16 = FRA ® + ES III

17 = QM ® + ES IV

18 = PM ® + ES V + DE (1st Chap)

19 = FI ® + ES VI

20 = ES VII + ES GIIPS + CFA Mock

… Will update Log after 1st CFA mock …

What do you guys think?..

Also i have been scoring on AVG 65% to 70% on (CFAI) EOC

Qbank - Hovering around 75% - 80% AVG

Please feel free to critique my review log or any comments

Derivatives (5%) plus AI (4%) make a total of 9%. ( That would be around 21-22 questions. If I were at your position, I won’t skip those topics. Although AI is only 4% but it has only 1 chapter and that is shorter in comparioson to few chapters of FRA and Economics. And not a single chapter in FRA and Economics would cover 4% of overall questions.

Derivatives is combination of few concepts and mostly theory in level I and is a very high scoring area if done properly.

Where is Corporate Finance in your review? Have you not included that deliberately? Though CF won’t take much time as it is kind of combination of QM, FRA and equity.

Your score is decent assuming that the standard deviation in your score is less. You just need to increase your marks in mock by a couple of percentages in next 20 days. That will do for you. I guess once you do Derivatives and AI properly, your overall score would be closer to 70% and with that score you would pass the exam.

Don’t forget the Ethics material is not evenly distributed. Some Standards are quite elaborate, while other; VII are quite small.

Good luck. The best strategy with ethics is doing practise questions.

oh sorry left that out. no i will be covering CF, i feel like CF is quite easy in my opinion. will definatly be covering it. oh really? 20 questions for DE. i thought it was only gonan be like 4 or 5 or so each exam (AM & PM). have you taken any mocks yet? if so how did u score on em?

thanks will definatly be improvising on Ethics quite a bit

Log #1 - Equity - Introduction to industray & Company Analysis.

Stumbled Upon EOC #17 (i think) it states… 17) - If over a long period of time a country’s average level of educational accomplishment increases, this development would most likely lead to the country’s amount of income spent on consumer discretionary goods to:

A - Decrease

B- Increase

C- Not Change

i Picked C. The reason i picked C is because i don’t see how there’s a correlation between educational accomplishment and income??. In order for the amount of income to increase on Consumer Discretionary shouldn’t the question be related to income rather than “Education”?. it’s a bit of a tricky question. Any Help with this please?. The correct Answer was B

kngods: Increase in Education increases worker productivity and income tends to rise as a result. If your income rises this would lead to an increase in consumer discretionary goods (hotels…trips…etc)

ahh okay that makes sense. Also i’ve noticed that i’ve been doing Practice Tests (NOT MOCK) but practice test on CFA website. They seem to be heavily lop sided. i mean majority of the questions are like from like 2 or 3 topics. out of the whole subject. Like for example in Economics. Out of 30 Questions 14 are just from International Trade & Currency Exchange. (that like 46% of the practice test). Like what gives is the CFA exam like this as well? or are the mocks structured the same way??


Took the 1st CFAI Mock AM (ONLY) Exam.

Unfortunatly Scored 48% . Went back and reviewed realized Literally 20% of the score could have went up. If i had the right formula’s. … After adjusting for minor mistakes, with carelessness mquestiobsp;and formulamajority could have easily scored 63%

  • Will Report Back in 2 Days with AM & PM Exam

Ethics - 67 %

QM - 54%

  • Formula Issue

FRA - 56%

  • Side Note. FRA was like 44% portion exam consisted just of Financial Reporting & Analysis. Like wtf? Are these mocks even balanced? Did not see a single question about Non Current liabilties

Eco - 36%

  • Fuked up Bad on this

CF - 25%

  • Major Formula Issue

Equty - 18%

  • Messed up bad

Fi - 46%

  • (Guessed The Whole Part) (minor Formula Issue)

Derivatives - 20%

  • Guessed did not read DE,

AI - 67%

PM - 40%

  • Formula Issue

I did the CFAI Mock AM yesterday first time and don’t know how , but I had only 2 h to complete de exam and scored 77 % . I learned from Kaplan too and didn’t see any problems with the formulas