I am new to VA so I was thinking about joining a gym both to work out and also make friends.Here is the rundown on whats available

Boxing:a rundown place looks like a sweat shop, the coach is an old guy much like the trainer in rocky.You know the type I am talking about , their male to female ratio is similar to AF though slightly skewed towards males.Its dirt cheap the draw back is lack of females to balance the place and I dont intend to be hit on my head.

Crossfit: mixed with all kinds of people, the coach is the too friendly type, it costs around 150 a month, however you can also do yoga or some other stuff with your membership.I can compete in this since it doesnt involve brain damage.Also crossfit is pure athletism the benefit is my wife who is very fit can come since she likes it

BJJ: cool club, also 150 for a month, friendly atmosphere the main coach has fought in UFC and is pretty decent and well known throughout the grappling community.I can fight in BJJ too since you dont get hit on the head.Wife wont come which isnt a huge disadvantage, I feel I can make good friends there but its just a feeling

try to look for an MMA gym that does Muay Thai and BJJ. It might be slightly costly ~250/mo but you’ll get chiseled.

BJJ is a little safer most of the time but sometimes you get an elbow to the face (accidental) or some other random injuries. A couple years ago I was trying to get full mount and jumped on this dude I knocked on the ground. I got a swift knee to the chest (he blocked me) and it cracked one of my ribs. It wasn’t a compound fracture or anything just a minor one, but still hurt like hell when I would take deep breaths, cough, or God forbid sneeze which is the most painful.

^ my sister in law is a neurosurgeon she tells horrible shit about guys getting hit in the head often , I did muay thai for about 10 years and did a few fights here and there but I just dont feel comfortable doing MT as my main displine.Boxing is where I lack if I wanted to do striking.

The bjj gym is run and instructed by ryan hall who is well known in the grappling community.Do you live in va ?

you did Muay Thai for 10 years and feel that you lack in boxing ? hmmmm you should be extremely good at boxing. It is 2 of the 8 limbs in muay thai. I lived in NOVA after college on the orange line for a year … but dont live there now

You grow four new limbs when you take up Muay Thai?

No wonder those guys are so good!

lol yeah more than goro from mortal combat

Compared to a person with the same background as me who did boxing for 5 years I am not a good boxer !

Once you learn the basics of any martial art/sport alot and Alot has to do with distancing and moving,thinking of combination strategies and so on.Yes my jab,cross ,hook and uppercut are good but the distancing and strategies I know work best in MT.In MT you go for clinch,while you are kneeing the hell out of each other both fighters look to land an elbow in the best moment they get.In boxing you dont have that.

As a side note the hands are slightly different too,boxers throw punches in a slighly more closed guard than MT.

What did you do as your main displine ?

Its up to you. The transition from Muay Thai to Boxing would seem a lot easier to me than Boxing to Muay Thai anyway. I wouldn’t want to switch from 10 years of Muay Thai that you have to boxing. You should continue. I started at an MMA gym that did Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu - mainly because they are the two disciplines with the highest success rates in the UFC. Uriah Hall taught me how to kick and the basics in NYC before he went into TUF and then UFC. He never taught me this spinning heel kick though, lol

Uriah is fighting on the main fight card in UFC 193 (middleweight). It should be good. I really wanted to see him fight Bisping, but the dude withdrew and he’s fighting Whittaker.

I’d go with BJJ. But I’m a little short and I don’t strike well. I started off wrestling in HS and college so I’m comfortable with grappling. IMO, grappling sports provide phenomenal cardiovascular workouts