Crucial CFAI EOC questions

I simply don’t have the time to go through every reading’s questions in the CFAI text. Schweser does a sufficient job in some of the sections. In addition, doing the EOC questions for certain sections would be a waste of time based on its exam weight. What do you recommend? My take: SS4 - individual IPS SS5 - institutional IPS SS8 - asset allocation SS9,SS10 - FI SS13 - Alternative Investments (maybe), derivatives SS14 - Risk Management SS15 - Derivatives SS16 - Material on VWAP, Implementation shortfall SS17 - All those pesky formulas SS18 - GIPS What are you skipping? What is absolutely crucial? For those who have went through it already, have you found any topics that should be reviewed in the CFAI because Schweser did a bad job? Any input is appreciated.

fixed income seemed pretty tough and like a waste of time to me… they just kept giving excerts, which was like reading the chapter again…

I think Schweser did a terrible job on the Hedging Mortgage Securities section. I would definitely read the CFAI text for that and do those 7 questions. It is extremely testable material. Luckily…I know that inside and out, so I’m praying there is a whole item set on it.

I bet you do have time to go through all the CFAI EOC questions. There are several readings where there are no questions at the end anyway. I would at least take a good look at the questions and answers and treat them like additional reading.

I found the questions within the readings ( those shaded blue boxes) were awesome questions and way more valuable than the EOC readings.

I have tried all of the EOC (most of them 2-3 times) and only skipped GIPS so far, which I intend to go back to. I have also attempted most of the examples (blue highlight) in the text as well. If someone hasn’t tried some of these questions, be forewarned - quite a few of them are very long and complicated (e.g. Global attribution Problem 5) One thing which you are leaving out and I think was worth going over were the CFAI questions on Ethics in SS1.

So is it worth doing Examples (blue box) questions? Aren’t they too many to do? Thanks