crunch time

Dear fellow AF’s I need some advice desperately. I am losing the battle to finish the material in time due to many reasons (new job, new city, LAZINESS)… however i am not writing here to moan but to get some valuable feedback. With less than 60 days left(yes thats right) and only light reading and some note taking of 2 books done (bk 1 and 2 minus ethics of schweser) is it any good if i take a month off from work . Considering that it is a new job and most probably it would be unpaid ! On the other hand i know that for lv 1 and 2 (passes in one go ) i did nearly 600 hours in 2 months, but lv 3 is a whole new beast. so my questions summaries below are 1. Is it advisable to take a month off 2. If yes then in April or May ? 3. What should be my strategy (for 1 and 2 i did reading,note taking,classes and a lot of practice test , i dont feel i have time to do all this now) all constructive advise/(criticism) is welcome

If you are not a re-taker, my suggestion is that you shall take the exam in any case because you will get some experiences of AM essay session which is completely different from that of L1 & L2. I took the exam last year & failed. But at least I got the experience of AM essay session which makes me a little bit more confident than last year.

I havent started studying yet!!! Wont be taking the test

er, why on earth would you take May off? Thats the month to get down to the nitty gritty.

60 days, lets do this!!! Eat, sleep, work, study, repeat.

I’m in bipolar. Am behind where I should be, but 2 months. 2 months of pain and let’s do this people. Before soccer last night I was half braindead doing EOC q’s for reading 47 (ss17 attribution). I almost screamed. But here I am. Bring the hurt- it’s time to get very, very serious on this thing.

chedges Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > er, why on earth would you take May off? Thats the > month to get down to the nitty gritty. he’s asking if he should take April or May off from WORK. why would anyone take a month off from studying when he only has two months left? lol

and taking a month off of work when you start a new job is not wise. job > test. one pays the bills and one doesn’t. this seems like common sense to me.

“this seems like common sense to me” - which is not common

Taking time off work assumes you are going to study full-time instead. How can anybody do this? After 3 or 4 hours, I need a serious break. And maybe I could go 8 hours one day, but day after day? I would just kill myself.

ah i see. Maybe just take a couple of weeks off, as thats expected for the CFA. Unless you think you’ll fail without it.

Buckle down and see how far you can get without taking time off work. Don’t compromise your job performance for an exam that you can just retake next year if you whiff.

thanks guys for your feedback. Had a chat with the boss, and it seems he is cool with it…as long as i am avaliable remotely !

Definitely don’t take a month off from work for the CFA exam. Not at all worth it. Even if boss says he’s cool w/it, it’ll create a bad first impression. Trust me. 2 months isn’t enough time, in my opinion. The essays are a completely different animal. I realize some do & pass, but that’s not most of us. Do what you can over the next 2 months, take the test anyway… it’s just one day of your life. You’ll learn some stuff for next year.

+1 i couldnt agree more. currently sitting at my desk, nursing our second baby (born last week). books open, desk light just out of his eyes, cold cup of tea…now thats more like it! just sit it and see how you go.

I might take a week from a new job to study, but if you take a whole month, you damn well better pass or you look like a fool. Hughsey, you can do it, keep plugging away. My 2nd daughter arrived 5 days before the exam last year and I missed passing by 3 questions. Stupid Grinold-Kroener or however it’s spelled.

Thanks for the note sjuhawk…massive respect to you.

I will not be taking a single day off this year as I just started a new job… I am going to be extremely busy; if I can break the 200hrs of study time overall I will be happy. Right now I would say I have spent about 50hrs total reading only the 5 schewser books…and just finished so now watching the Video CDs and then going to tackle EOC and Qbank and then tackle practice exams time permitting…oh and hope to get a chance to go through Secret Sauce…but as of right now don’t remember anything from my readings!!! g luck to all…