Cruz vs Trump

Heidi Cruz vs Melania Trump I mean. Discuss:

Heidi Klum*

This why “we” are running concerned me. Does Heidi run the show? She is way out of Ted’s league and he knows it. Is she an opportunist? He’s one goofy man.

Cruz is like Kerry, just doesn’t look the part of President

I’ll admit that Trump is pretty funny, but I can’t believe he’s still taken seriously. There’s a politico article comparing his twitter posts to South American strong men which is spot on accurate. The guy’s basically calling out another candidate’s wife for being ugly and bragging that is hot trophy wife is hot. Funny yes, but really sad that this is the leader of a major political party in the US.

Heidi Cruz’s face weirds me out too. I’m not sure she’s necessarily out of Ted’s face. Her expressions are odd.

Actually Kerry looked very Presidential. Tall, WASPy and with great hair.

Yeah, those WASPy Catholics…

How is she out of his league? Neither is physically attactive. Professionally speaking, she’s a banker and he was a successful private-practice attorney before getting into politics. He’s now a US senator, which is one of the best jobs in the world if you really think about it. Sure, the official pay is not on par with many private sector jobs, but the compensation goes well beyond what shows up on their W-2 and they can clean up as a lobbyist if they lose their seat or decide they don’t want the public scrutiny anymore.

Kerry looked like a living corpse!

Actually, I have no idea. For some reason I thought she was attractive. Maybe some side by side picks from 2000 would help. He wasn’t Senator yet, but he had potential for sure. And they probably prayed before and after their first date sex, so they had that.

I get the impression that Ted is a pretty bright guy, but he’s not exactly comfortable speaking. And his religious insanity is unbelievable to a foreigner. But he’s our hometown Canadian boy so we got to cheer him on. Our Manchurian candidate, we will take you guys over from the inside.

If he doesn’t qualify as bright, most of us are retarded. I wonder if his fluid intelligence rivals his crystalline…

Not quite. Ted Cruz was a debate star in his younger days. He hasn’t gotten a chance to really go one-on-one with anybody yet.

His problem is that he’s an asshole. People, even those who agree with his views, don’t like the guy.

I think Cruz’s religious insanity is just politics. It is a large constituency in his party. I doubt he beleives any of that stuff.

According to a Bloomberg Politics poll released Wednesday, Clinton leads Trump 54 percent to 36 percent in a contest between the two front-runners.

Trump s favorability rating is at an all-time low in the survey, while his negative rating has gone up 13 points since November and has hit a new high.

The Republican Party s favorability rating is at an all-time low in the survey, which has been conducted since 2009.

Only 33 percent view the GOP favorably, against 60 percent who have a negative view of the party. Fifty-one percent of likely general election voters have a positive view of the Democratic Party, against 43 percent negative.

Trump does worse in a head-to-head match-up against Clinton than either of his two rivals still in the GOP race.

Clinton takes 51 percent support in a head-to-head match-up with Ted Cruz, who takes 42 percent. Thirty-two percent view Cruz favorably, against 55 percent who view him negatively.

Only John Kasich bests Clinton in a hypothetical match-up, with the survey finding the Ohio governor taking 47 percent compared to 43 percent for Clinton. Kasich is the only candidate with a positive favorability rating, holding a 46-32 split.

^i read that earlier. Kasich is now basically running on the idea that he is the only one to beat Clinton and the reps should vote for him instead

^Wow, capital letters.

^ i know. i would make a horrible RA

Those polls aren’t reliable though. Kasich and Sanders consistently do better than Trump and Hillary in head-to-head surveys because no-one is taking them seriously as general election candidates and hence they are not subject to relentless negative campaigning.

Look at Hillary’s favorability ratings over the past couple of years. Before she started publicly running to be President, they were pretty good. But then the negative attacks started over Benghazi and the email stuff and her ratings have dropped like a stone. If Sanders somehow got the nomination (virtually impossible now), the attack ads would be ferocious. Same for Kasich.

The corollary of that is that Obama’s ratings are now at their highest in years because all the Republican attacks are focussing on Hillary. Hence he now has an approval rating above 50% again and net positive favorables.