Crypto time

will it be in L1, l2 it l3?..

The notoriously difficult Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Program exams are about to get that much tougher.

“Dubbed “the most brutal exam in the world of finance” by Business Insider, the three-part test covering several different areas of finance – all with a heavy focus on ethics – is about to add topics on cryptocurrencies and blockchain as examinable material in August 2019.”

Will be added in August 2018 for June 2019 exams.

Well… hope that shit is not in level 3

I remember reading level 1 and 2 but no mention of level 3.

Wouldn’t read it.

Crypto topic would be about as useful and in-depth as high-frequency trading one, i.e. just a simple overview one could easily skip.

That’s exactly the reading I was reminded of when I heard the news that they would be adding it to the curriculum.

Good. It’ll be a relevant topic.

haha. I wonder how CFAI will approach the valuation of Cryptro. Is it an asset as it has no cashflows; it is certainly not a commodity; I guess some can argue for or against its use as a currency or as a collectible

i bet it will be just a general overview like HFT of the different types and emerging crypto-indexes

It will offer some low hanging fruits. Should be only an overview / Introduction kind of stuff. But as the Crypto Currency Market evolves, the CFA Institute might update the curriculum in future, though it always lags with Market Trends.

Not so fast my friend, Crypto is a commodity… it has no CF and no intrinsic value, only a perceived value, like gold.

Don’t give a sh*t what business insider states. The point I’m making is you can argue for it or against any of my points. Just because it’s fungible doesn’t make it a commodity. I can argue all day on why I don’t think it’s a commodity, collectible or asset. I have better things to do though. People can argue valuation techs ten times over. I’m just imagining cfai hummming and ahhhing over it.

…oh yay…what next? CPA exams including how to record entries for crypto currencies?

AML for crypto… anti money laundering .