Crystal Pepsi ... back finally

they did so well the first time around — why not bring it back? lol … just because it flopped 20 years ago … well … yeah

old news. come to canada, land of all dressed chips and crystal pepsi.

But what about Crystal Gravy?

MLA when on vacation I was able to pick up a few bags of all dressed at the larger chain grocery stores in the US. They are here! Just nowhere in my area unfortunately.

Since when do we have crystal Pepsi? Never seen that before in my life.

since a month ago. it’s been some good times. nothing grosser than mixing your canadian whiskey with crystal pepsi. resembles the colour of diarrhea in a fresh toilet bowl.

no crystal gravy. that sounds like an america only product. like white castle, and jeff foxworthy.

haha wow your writing skills paint quite the picture

Stupid question? Is Crystal Pepsi just same Pepsi flavor without the coloring or does it have a different taste? Sorry im a millennial and I don’t remember this product.

You have to listen to “Right Now” by Van Halen when drinking Crystal Pepsi.

I don’t know. Soda without caffeine is like seedless watermelon. It mocks nature.

exact same but no caramel colouring. genius.

exact same but no caramel colouring coloring, genius.

colouring. the queen wouldn’t approve otherwise.