CS Equity Research

How is CS’s Equity Research department? I have a round 2 next week which will include an “earnings test”. Not sure why they’re giving me an earnings test as I have 6+ years experience in research.

Forgive the stupid question but what is an ‘earnings test’?

I presume its to take an earnings release, update model and write a note.

Maybe they will ask you how much you earn and figure out if they can afford your bonus - apparently they have stopped giving out outsized cheques now! Good luck

Make sure you don’t wear you don’t wear a visible red g-string

CS’s ER department is very good. They have a good rep on the street and their work is good quality.

CS is one of the best names in the business, but I’m curious why you wish to return to research. I can’t imagine this group will be materially different from LEH or BCS. Didn’t you wish to move on from ER? I would strive for the buy side.

CS predicted TSX will 16,000 in 2011.

Iginla2010 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > CS predicted TSX will 16,000 in 2011. Overconfidence and price target revisionism bias.

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