CSI Technical Analysis Course

Did anyone take the Technical Analysis Course offered by Canadian Securities Institute?

https://www.csi.ca/student/en_ca/courses/csi/tac.xhtml#tabview=tab0 It says that passing the exam gives you exemption from writing the cmt level 1. Any thoughts ???

Any course offered by CSI is overpriced and dumbed down. Only do their courses if your employer requires it and pays for it.

^ Truth.

Agreed. I’ve taken a few CSI exams, they test you on the dumbest material that doesn’t help produce any better people in the industry. If anything it gives them a skewed sense of what is important and ruins it even further. CSI sucks.

Which other exams have you taken?

I took CSC and the exam was a total joke. However I did enjoy learning about the regulatory environment as I had no previous exposure to it.

Don’t take any CSI course unless you absolutely have to.

Don’t take any CSI course unless you absolutely have to.

I’ve taken the CSC and Investment Management Techniques through CSI. They were both so terrible that I told my boss I wasn’t going to do the CIM because it added zero value for me. I got the feeling that CSI courses are for the Investors Group/Edward Jones type people that want to be able to say “Hey, I’m a Certified Investment Manager!” to sound like you know what you’re talking about.

^ that’s pretty much it. And since there is so much turnover amongst financial advisors, CSI is able to charge a ton for these courses. I always chuckle when I pass by the financial advisor’s office at my bank and see his IFIC certificate hanging proudly on the wall.

i’ve taken plenty b/c i’ve had to. csc, cph, wme, derivatives, options, futures. all are very very bad and required no studying. series 7 and series 65 are slightly less bad but very close.

just take the CMT exams if you want to learn about TA.

i took it, it was really straightforward, i didn’t find it useless it was a good refresher on my basic TA knowledge, took a weekend to study for it and it gives CMT lvl 1 exemption

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It’s a cash grab.

long shot but willing to sell the textbook to me ?