CSK - What GMAT board?

What GMAT board are all of us going to dominate now? We need a new challenge…

www.gmatclub.com :slight_smile: I’ve already done it though, right after L2 :slight_smile:

oh you stink! Well, I’m not going to hit that b!tch until I finish some other things in my life first. At least I know there is a forum :).

thinking about going back to graduate school?

www.beatthegmat.com helped me one shot a 97%.

aren’t people getting in trouble for that site because they had actual test questions or something??

97% sweet, i got 96%, bombed math :frowning:

really? dunno …i didnt receive any actual test questions.

last time i took GMAT i spent 2 weeks studying and got over 700. GMAT is not that hard.

I bet mo34 was really pissed when he took his GMAT.