CTP Certification .. Question?

Hello Friends/Seniors, I passed L1 in Jun’09 and have registered for L2 in Jun '10. In the mean time, I am leaning towards taking CTP (Certified Treasury Professional) certification in December '09, before taking L2 in Jun '10. I am in Singapore and currently working in Treasury domain. CTP certification is administered by AFP (Association of Finance Professionals). I have heard of AFP but never knew CTP. My question is; is CTP known and recognized in US, Canada, Europe region? Have any of you heard of this certification? Though my inclination towards CTP is more for gaining knowledge, it will be good to know its standing too. Thanks. Even if your response is in negative, it is information to me.

Never heard of it.

I have my CTP. I received it back in the late 90’s when I moved into the Treasury Department of my company. It’s basically one book worth of material. It’s decent stuff if you are into the banking side of the house. I would never use the CTP designation after my name as I feel that A) most people have no idea what it is. 2) It doesn’t carry anywhere near the weight of other designations. Not a very difficult test. I actually failed by one question the first time I took the test as I had a hangover and forgot my calculator. If you want to learn more about banking and the banking rules, I would recommend it, otherwise the CFA designation will get you much further…

Pretty sure this is the wrong place to post this? So you are a newly minted level 2 candidate and you are asking level 3 candidates about some obscure designation? HUH

Thank you sbugrad and mpnoonan for your responses. It is a big help. Regarding, mpnoonan’s concern, I thought this question was irrelevant to my difference with yours in CFA level, so I posted it here. No offence to you or my CFA seniors here.