CTP Certification.

Friends, I am leaning towards taking CTP (Certified Treasury Professional) certification in December, before taking L2 in Jun '10. I am in Singapore and working in Treasury domain. This CTP is provided by AFP (Association of Finance Professionals). I know of AFP but never knew of CTP. My question is; is CTP known and recognized in US, Canada, Europe region? Have any of you heard of this certification? My inclination towards CTP is more for the comprehensive knowledge in that domain. But if it well recognized in that region, it could be an added value :slight_smile:

Yeah, I was going to take that certification exam a LONG time ago…, say about 4-5 years ago. It’s a good certification to get if you intend to say in the Treasury-related business/industry or treasury management…, working for a bank. Total exam fee is less than $600 if you register early. CTP really has nothing to do with research, I don’t think. Not a bad certification to have…, if you’ve got time & money to spend.

Thanks Damil4real. It means a lot in my decision making.

I currently work as a Treasury Sales Analyst for a big bank in the US. The CTP is recognized as a good credential by both banks and corporations/firms. On the bank side, it is helpful if you are in a treasury/cash management products sales position or if you are a Product Specialist (i.e. ACH, Disbursements, Receipts, Float, Check Electronification, etc.). On the other side of the table (working for a corporation) this certification is useful if your title is one of the following: - Cash Manager - Treasurer - Assistant Treasurer - Director of Finance (any variation thereof) - even Treasury Analyst Go out on the web and spend an hour or so researching CFOs and their previous positions. Chances are high that their first top-level executive position was as an Assistant Treasurer. I’ve also considered the CTP, however the deciding factor boils down to what career path you’d like to get on. I’ve heard from clients that have their CTP that the exam is very product knowledge intensive and can get into some really nitty gritty questions. CFA and CTP are on two different plains. CFA is by far a more difficult exam and I believe covers much more application of finance than the CTP. In terms of $$$, in the US my guesstimate is that an AT’s salary can range between $80,000 - $120,000 depending on the size of the company and complexity of treasury structure. Don’t have any idea around bonuses. Hope this helps.

^ Nice write-up, feliciano_tony. Really good. I might look at that CTP thing again…, maybe after passing L2 next year. The price tag for the exam is like $1,200 for CTP non-members.

Thank you feliciano_tony and to Damil4real again. This has been very helpful.