So someone on Wall St is going to get paid a big bonus next month and Cuomo is going to arrest him. Then we will all have something fun to watch.

No response on this - So check this out: This is shaping up. There are some exec’s at some of those banks that tell me they expect really big bonuses this year. I tell them they are nuts. They shrug. They are messing with a guy who really has serious political ambition, waiting for the right moment, and the best he can come up with as AG is facebook, college loans, and beating on Spitzer. Now putting Blankfein in jail, that would be something people would notice. Edit: The reason it got no response is this is on LI. Hmm… Who put this here?

it will be interesting. i haven’t read up to know exactly where that fine line between those bonuses you need to report (the execs) vs. the more common folk is drawn. granted, by common folk we could be talking traders, etc, making several hundreds of thousands even millions that probably wouldn’t have to get reported anywhere that might hit the news. i’d suspect those all would get paid. but the top execs… i’d agree… this is going to be an interesting year to see if they get paid or not on bonuses. once you’re that far up in the chain, you’d have to figure you’ll be ok either way, but we will see how it all turns out soon. as long as i get my bonus in full i’m ready to be entertained by the executive circus that is about to ensue.