Just out of curiosity When did people stop reviewing material and get on with pure testing? ie book 6 and 7 and qbank tests? I started all reviews in Mar and am now wondering whether I left this too late!! With 2 kids and a full time job its impossible to do anything more than 1.5 hrs a day…

I started studying in March coz i decided to register in Feb and got my calculator in march… then got tired of the books and started giving the mocks the last 2 weeks… but i guess i had some advantage coz of Finance Major in Undergrad which just finished in december and before going for job interviews i reviewed finance… you should definitely ask for a leave…give some mocks…work on the problem areas…it must be real hard for you with the kids and all…good luck

do the best you can - you’re a parent that’s the most important job! you should definitely start on some mocks and practice exams, move on from qbank… Best of luck to you.