Curious about AM questions structure...Can details from one question bleed over into the next?

Just took a Schweser exam were details from question 1 were used for questions in question 2. It was a bit confusing because throughout all of our time studying for the CFA they’ve provided questions indepedent of one another. Can I assume the same holds true for Level 3? For a bit of clairty, these were not details that I would have needed to calculate, they were instead given in the short question segement, but even still was a bit confusing.

The questions stand alone.

If you get question 1 wrong, it doesn’t hamper your effort to get question 2 right, though it does hamper your effort to pass the test.

The Schweser level 3 tests are poorly written.

if the details bleed over - it will say so - at the very top of the question. E.g. they will say - this applies to Question 1 and 2 …