Curious George

This seems crazy; getting married a third time at the age of 82? And she’s 40 years old. She’s not with him for his libido. She’ll be married to him for 5-10yrs if he’s lucky and she’ll be able to retire at 45-50 with a nice package.

she isn’t bad loooking at all…go georgie boy!!

i might be cynical, but i don’t think she really doing it for love…i mean, maybe its possible considering he is a brilliant guy but he isn’t that handsome at his age…

Marry for the money, you can always learn to love.

His story of how he broke the Bank of England sealed the deal for him. She fell in love instantaneously.

Stop loosening the standards. She doesn’t make the HCB list today and probably not even 15 years ago.

she is not a hot classy babe…but she does show a lot of potential…

when i’m 80 i would be lucky to bag a girl like that…i can’t even do that now and i’m just hitting my 30s

You gotta work on your game Franky

She’ll be classy when she inherits billions.

I’d rather have Hugh Hefner’s life than Curious George’s. Even if I’m in the industry of the latter.

she’s a 4.6

hefner’s life seems great too…gets to walk around in his mansion in a robe mixing it up with hot classy babes all day…my goodness…envious…

The Hefner bunnies seem obnoxious. Wouldn’t be worth the annoyance to have them around IMO

their big jugs bouncing around and the bunny hop is really annoying…

Bull. You’d kill your own blood to live one month in Hef’s shoes. If I had to choose what my heaven would be, it would be the life at the Mansion.

For once we agree on something LOL. I would be very happy with unlimited 30 minute sessions with these lovely ladies as long as a strictly enforced ban on talking was in place at all times. Based on the Playboy reality show, most of these women are incredibly annoying.

i should watch the playboy reality show…that sounds like a good show…

More HCBs than on the Kardashians.

Strongly disagree. I’ve never been able to separate looks from personality. Plus I go for more of a natural girl next door type than the makeup and heels type.

you go for those types due to necessity…

I go for all types. Unconstrained mandate.