currency conversion

dumb question but i am looking at some frm questions from their sample test i have found wrong answers before so i want to double check this one. 2yr Rf GBP rate is 8% per year. 2yr Rf FF rate is 5% per year. The current French Franc to GBP currency exchange rate is that one unit of GBP currency costs 0.75 units of French Franc’s. What is the 2year forward price of one unit of GBP in terms of French Francs? My question is that my thinking is that 1 GBP = .75 FF therefore the exchange rate is .75 FF/GBP. so it should be be .75 FF/GBP x e^(.16-.10) right or is it flipped? i always get confused with how to covert the exchange rate and it doesnt help that the FRM questions make mistakes on how they write the exchange rate. thanks in advance.