Currency Hedging

I am currently exploring the opportunity to work for a firm that advises corporations on FX Hedging strategies within their corporation. What do people think of this career path?

Its a sales job. I dealt with these guys when I was in the treasury world. “Advises on heading strategies” means sells your currency products. Not good or bad, but you should know what you’re in for.

They don’t sell products. They restructure companies’ hedging strategies and advise on proper structures. They go on consulting assignments where they come in and review the overall hedging policy of the group then do the pricing and negotiating for them (with the banks) and help execute… Then they get a fee for it (usually a % of notional). The guys come from amazing backgrounds and have been in roles in the buy side.

My apologies then. This isn’t your typical hedging shop. I’m surprised companies that require complex currency hedging don’t have internal resources, but hey, everything is outsourced these days.