Currency Swap - Currency Exchange Rate Question (possible CFAI error)

CFAI derivatives, page 271, #3Bi - “the current exchange rate is $1.41 per Pound” Moving along in the question, I am answering the question that asks for the PV of the Pound Fixed Payments. We compute that the Fixed Payment in Pounds comes to 1.0119, and we are supposed to convert BP 1.0119 to Dollars at an exchange rate of 1.41/Pound... Wouldn't this be the right setup: 1.41 / 1 L ----> 1.0119 L should equal 1.4268 $. But, the answer on page A-28 converts 1.0119 L to .7177 Am I doing something wrong here? I checked the CFAI errate website, and it wasn’t listed, which means it’s probably my mistake. What do you think?

Mmmn, as I study this question more, and the next currency swap question in the textbook, I see that that answer says "convert this amount to the equivalent … that is 1/1.41. tricky