currency swaps in schweser notes

are the arrows on pg. 99 in the schweser notes going the wrong way? shouldn’t the swap dealer be giving the us company euros to neutralize the fixed income obligation and receiving US? yes, I’m learning currency swaps for the first time three days before the exam…

one question i’ll tag on. they say plain vanilla currency swap is fixed for floating. i would have thought fixed for fixed. this is schweser BTW.

I think I remember reading a thread once where schweser had messed up a big part of a section and then a guy had highlighted this fact, but wouldn’t elaborate, then was a dick about it, then everyone was like “why don’t you just tell us what the mistake was?” and he was like “I’ve told you enough already, you should thank me” or something, and it was the big thing. is this what that thread was about?

no, that was commodity futures… not totally sure what he meant, but there was a huge error in schweser on RF, lease rate, conv yield, storage costs. that’s partially why i wasn’t sure that schweser had cash and carry. i went to institute on that one.