Current Assets and Balance Sheet values.

I have been going through an insurance companies financial statements recently and am having some trouble differentiating the current and non-current liabilities. In this Balance Sheet the liabilities are listed in the order of liquidity.

The Balance Sheet (under liabilities) has an entry ‘Other Financial Liabilities’ showing a total of 710.

In the notes to the financial statements this is broken into two values

Derivative Financial Liabilities 130

Collateral Deposits held. .580

On morningstar, they have listed the ‘Derivative Financial Liabilities’ as a current liability.

They have also listed the ‘Collateral Deposits Held’ as a non-current liability. Even though both liabilities are listed under the

one entry on the balance sheet.

Would anyone know why ‘Collateral Deposits held’ would be classed as non-current? I’ve scoured the entire financial statements several time and cannot find an answer to this.