Current Job Market

I have been at my current firm for about 2 years and now I want to get into something different, I pretty much provide a finance service now, trying to get more into investment process and decision making. I am pretty happy at my current firm but I was wondering if it would be worth it to apply to some jobs, or our firms going to low ball everyone in this market and it would be better to wait? Plus I am currently a Level III candidate; would it be better to wait until I pass as far as compensation and ability to get into solid investment management/research roles? Any insight would be great! -Thanks.

s23dino Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- >or our firms going to low ball everyone > in this market and it would be better to wait? In this market it’s more like no ball.

alright hobbes I’m guessing your stance is to wait… and stick with what i’ve got.

A bird in hand… That’s not to say don’t keep looking, though. What’s your background, and what range of jobs are you applying to? I assume your current position doesn’t qualify for the charter? Perhaps middle school math teacher?

Mcthorp agreed bird in the hand… And no not a math teacher. But currenlty yes my current position would qualify for CFA; however, I’m looking to get into investment management either entry or experienced(2-5 yrs). I have seen a couple openings out there that I think would be good and I would qualify, just thinking though that they may not offer a good compensation package in this market. And no there are not a Bear…

What financial service do your provide? Focus on the exam and then if you want to start looking, give it a try, but it’s not going to be a good time for you to get a new job.

Job MKT in Financial Services (besides retail) is pretty bad…and will only get worse … Right now is a perfect time to go back to school to do your MBA…or in your case stay at your job and complete the CFA.

I guess I can wait but I don’t want to wait too long since it seems experience is everything and I want to get into the right field before it is too late. Do you guys no good jobs will be out there or the comp will be terrible or both? I mean I have seen a couple really good job postings that I thought would be a great fit. -Thanks everyone!