Curriculum Changes 2020

Major portion of curriculum remains unchanged.Will it be wise decision to start early by following 2019 curriculum.What should be most effective strategy to understand the concept FRA,Fixed Income & Derivative.

If you’re a candidate, you should have access to the 2020 curriculum.

I have not registered.Probably,i will do so in last week of Early Bird Registration,now i am just trying to formulate a strategy so that i can use these time effectively.

I found MM videos for fixed income and derivatives to be very good. Also for FRA they were fine. I think if you watch these, and tackle the end of chapter question, it will be a good strategy.

any more input? i have 2019 schweser. wondering if i should use it and just make notes of changes to 2020 cirriculum?

I failed L2 this past June and prior to receiving my Kaplan books, I began reading through the CFAI cirriculum and looking over the 2019 books. There is not seem to be material differences in the basics of the sections that I went over (Quant, CorpFin). The big chagnes in material i think were derivative strategies and difference readings in Quant. But I do not think there have been material changes to the readings which have not changed. Even the quant changes left material that was there in the 2019 texts. Nothing fundemental seemed to have changed.

For me personally, I just as soon have both sets of the materials updated, consistent, consistent reading numbers, consistent topic references etc. Small things like that help me stay somewhat organized though you may be different.

If you have not registered i see no harm in refreshing your memory using the old material. But once the new material is available you immediately adopt it.