Curriculum Changes Since December?

Does the Level 1 curriculum change once a year after June? or once a year after December? i.e. has the curriculum changed since i took the test in December? Worried i’m studying the old stuff. Thanks in advance.

The curriculum changes after the December exam.

Crap. Any idea what’s new? Should I repurchase the Schweser books…? Thanks

I also was signed up for, and prepared to do, the December exam. I wasn’t able to because of another exam on the same day. Although I don’t have it in front of me, I did a little review of what changed between the two years’ curricula. There were about 7 new sections and perhaps 4 missing sections. There were some sections with slightly renamed titles, suggesting (although not immediately obvious) a rewrite. There is an expanded section on identifying fraud and cash flow statement shenanigans, for example. It’s pretty obvious that much of the curriculum couldn’t change. All of the procedural or numerical things are pretty much the same (as you’d expect). The way that you value a bond is the same this year as last. My personal plan is to do nothing but questions between now and the exam. Each time I get a question where I can’t really ‘picture’ what section of the books the material is coming from, I will re-read that section. I think only you really know how well you knew the material last year. You’ll have to decide what the best course is for yourself.

to that effect, do you guys think studying Schweser notes from '08 is OK for June exam prep?

I sure am.

Here are the changes provided by stalla,no much things… Cheers,