Curriculum changes

Previously finquiz was nice enough to put all the changes on their website but now they have removed that. I want to review that again since there’s a rumor that CFAI like to test on new topic.

can anyone send me the file if you have to


Or we can each add on to here , I believe there is not much

_ hedge fund : a survey

There is no Blume adjustment or they don’t use that name. No franchise PE right?

blume adjustment just refers to the Raw historical beta and its adjustment.

I got thrown off by that too!

Yeah I know that from googl, couldnt figure it out what the hell it is from mock exam.

Let me add on:

  • no commodities and commodities index - no degree of finanical / operating leverage - no sales risk, operating risk, etc - no evaluation of hedge fund performance - liquidity conundrum