Curriculum included???

Hi there…Am confused. I registered for the level II, and they sent me the books again…does the fee include the books??? Wonder though why is so cheap…

Didn’t you receive the invoice for those books? Better pay-up before CFAI releases the hounds, especially the dogs with bees in their mouths.

weird thing happened to me… i haven’t registered for lvl 2 yet, but got an e-mail saying the curriculum had been shipped. called customer service and the lady kindly informs me “the curriculum has been sent because it is included with the exam registration.” so i tell her that I HAVE NOT YET REGISTERED… AND THIS IS A PROBLEM BECAUSE YOU MAILED SOMETHING I ORDERED TO THE OFFICE FROM WHICH I RESIGNED THREE WEEKS AGO!! apparently they f-ed up and “granted” me permission to use the curriculum however i see fit. they didn’t charge me so payment is not an issue, but i just still uncomfortable with the fact that my previous employer will receive the package… they were somewhat bitter with the departure and i’d rather not have them sitting there thinking “what the f-”