Curriculum left to study?

Any of you out there who still have material that you’ve not touched at all? or is it just me! Also as a recommendation should I read macro first, or micro or the international economics?

pepp, I recall you said jokingly you didn’t read 50 of the readings…hope you did since then :slight_smile:

At this point, stuff I have left is Corp Governance, Leases, and ECON. And it was not a joke, It was for real. I had not read. But since then I’ve knocked down a few. Actually just remember have Swaps and options left too. But am going with my common sense in the options segment.

I haven’t touched quants or econ yet… but then again quants are used extensively all over and econ’s just… intro-econ 101 + abit :S

pepp i’m wondering how u can swallow that much material in such a short time ? question only approach ? theoretical mainly ? anyway congrats for the challenge, many came over here saying “2months to go, do i still have time?” and we never saw them nailing any Q after that

I still have two books left : ( my only “hope” is that I have a FIN/ACCTG background from business school. otherwise, I am toast I’ll be at home all day today, wed, and thursday to read read read