Cya on Saturday.

I am out. Will be back on in August. I wrote some notes for myself for the last day, points that I have pulled together for short-term memory. Going to study those tomorrow. It’s been a pleasure and hope we can continue some of these debates only with , CFA used as a noun in our biographies. Ciao.

Good luck, CFA designation should be used as an adjective!

Are you sure? I thought you put in capitals CHARTERED FINANCIAL ANALYST…

Good luck Paraguay and to everyone else who posted. This forum has been a great help to me.

you will rock. I am sure you will pass. Thanks for all your help

Good luck.

Good luck everyone!!!

Good luck Paraguay. Thanks for helping me with a lot of my posts. You were a great benchmark to follow.

yeah, thanks paraguay, v. helpful on many occasions. my money says you’ll definitely pass. good luck all you boys and girls!

Good luck everyone!

Oh, god Paraquay :)). Good luck in your exam.

Thanks for all your help paraguay…with CPK mia this year, you stepped up as the authority on many topics. Thanks and best of luck…you will kill it.