Cyclone Phet & CFA Exam

hi guys, “Tropical Cyclone Phet” is a Category four cyclone will expectedly hit the coastal areas of Karachi, Pakistan on 6th June 2010, coincide with the CFA exam in Karachi Pakistan. There are also media reports that cyclone may power up to category 5. Now in the worst case if we (CFA candidates) will not reach at examination center on 6th june 2010 because of the affects of this cyclone then what will happen? Usually, what CFA Assoication does (or its policy) in natural calamity or disaster situation for CFA candidates? Does CFA Association will postpone the CFA exam in Karachi, Pakistan on 6th June 2010 in anticipation of heavy torrential rains and the expected cyclone? I also queried to CFA, waiting for their reply. Regards, Irfan

I would think an act of god would be a pretty good reason not show up.

I took the level 1 exam back in December 2006 and there was a power outage 1 hour into the AM exam. The Institute gave us 2 choices (after the procters were on the phone with Virginia for close to 90 minutes while we remained in the dark): 1) Return the next day (Sunday) and continue the AM exam with 2 hours remaining 2) Retake the exam in June 2007 free of charge I remember when this situation was posted on this board at the time, many candidates outside my city were p!ssed that we were allowed to continue the exam the next day after we had seen the questions. I also remember JDV making a big fit about it too.