D-Day minus some hours. I wish you luck. Wish me luck cause I really cannot explain a failed AGAIN!

My heart is beating. I wont check my email until I see the pass rate. Anything above 54%, deal me in, if not, I may not make it Again. Good luck everyone!

Good luck everyone!!

Expecting a fail, but hoping by luck I get a pass. 3rd time taking it, but didn’t dedicate more than 2 weeks studying each time. Started studying weekends about a month before this year’s exam.

Slept 4 hrs in 2 days in 2017 and got band 7. Had about that this time around in one night. Fingers crossed that slightly better personal circumstances pull out a miraculous P.


am: 6/0/4

pm: 5/1/3 (ethics >70%)

Good luck to you all.

-. From 35-year-old man with a daughter in South Korea.

Sleepless night, good luck to all, 8 hours to go!

Almost 6 hours to go, this is torture