Dad controls $20M inheritance from the grave

this is how it should be done. nominate him for dead of the year!

I wonder how this becomes news, who released this info? If I was the dad, I’d include a clause to keep family matters private.


It is probably public knowledge now that the mom has contested the will in court.

a disgruntled woman wanting money

I’ve always felt that my rule would be that if I had wealth, my kids would inherit it when their individually generated net worth reached $200k real dollars. If not, the grandkids would have that option (portions split over a larger denominator). This way I also know they understand the basics of saving. Any remainder after two generations goes to charity.

Control freak

I intend to help my kids get through school and if we’re lucky, buy them a house. After that, they’re on their own. I intend to leave my money to other people who are not as fortunate as we are.

I would think that if it’s feasible for you, one’s kids should have enough so that they can afford to do anything, but not so much that they can afford to do nothing.

I plan on leaving almost everything to my kids and grandkids(assuming I am one day a grandparent). It’s compensation for the poor genetics.

Thanks Buffett.

Apparently, my great grandfather said that with regards to my grandfather. He’s quoted in the NY Times in 1919 or something.

He may not have invented the phrase (who knows), but it certainly pre-dates Buffet.

you mean after the taxman takes his share

Not if he’s Greek!