Daddy biden givign away 15k for first time homebuyers

so here’s the deal.
i buy a place with fiance for 400k
we put 20k down. we get 15k credit due to biden cuz she first time homebuyer.
due to low rates, our mortgage payments excluding hoa is 1526 vs 1650 for rent.
net of tax benefits its 1226 vs 1650
once all in cost are factored its like 1870 vs 1650.

yknow i think biden sees himself as the new fdr. cuz he kept on saying here’s the deal. reference to the the new deal.

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who lives in 400k houses? is this in a third world country

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lol its in gardena. right next to compton. bang bang skeet skeet.

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At least it’s not Barstow. :wink:

lol its actualyl a very asian community.

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kill me now

at least you’ll die with boba tea.

nerdy is there something you not telling us???

I identify as super straight