DAE find L2 content reduces with familiarity

The more knowledge I build, the more I see overlap (e.g., AI Commodities could be a section of Derivatives Futures).

I find it all is sort of congealing. At the beginning, I imagined spending May writing the same formulas 20x a day to memorize them. But more and more, the “what should be” is becoming clear, and then it’s a shorter step to actuall recall the formula.

Taking it even further, if someone wrote 50 pages of solid revision notes covering every reading, I kind of imagine that these could be steadily rationalized tighter and tighter. Or, what feels like 500 basic principles now, are really more like permutations of 100 basic principles (making the numbers up).

Anyway, on the great rollarcoaster of “holy h***, super string theory would be simpler” and “this is shorter than L1”, a bit of a bonus or light coming toward the end.

You can go even further and claim tha the whole exam is just an application of the time value of money.

Indeed. A bit further, “Some things are, and some things are not … because things that are not can’t be. You can’t have nothing isn’t, everything is.”