Daily time putting in

First time taker, I’ve been averaging 4hrs per day for all of May, and probably will continue that until the test. I work full time as well, so it’s no picnic. What about you guys?

I am right with you at an average of around 4hrs per day and working full time. I will have the last week off and plan on getting in 10 hr+ days on every weekend/weekday I have off from here on out. I am a first time taker too.

Similar here. My goal is to average 4 hours a day for the month of May. I’m at about 385 hours now and want to finish strong, yet not burn myself out. I’ve also taken the last week off of work before the exam and do not plan on doing any studying the day before the exam. So, some days will be longer and others may be a bit shorter. Total hours will be around 420-440 by exam day. I’m a first time taker as well.

Good luck everyone.