daj224: waiting for you

With your high level of determination, you should knock it out.

Yeah, Daj… where are you? Hope things went well!!!

I loved his high level of energy and the “BOOM” at the end if all the messages. I am sure it would be a pass.

If your score is correlated to the number of posts and amount of time you waste posting on AF over a 2 month period then he got the highest score in CFA history.

farley013, I don’t expect you to give a $hit about other candidates, especially those in L1, but just because you don’t “know” them and you’re bored to death waiting for the L3 results, it doesn’t give you the right to diminish one’s efforts with your sarcastic messages. My 0 cents.

Another bigshot junior analyst hiding behind his computer screen. Do you talk to your boss like that too?

farley, go you know what to yourself – i passed… sleep well, sport… to the REST of you, I love you all and let’s get level II started right away, or as soon as we get the books. I am comitted to only taking level II ONCE. oh, no use trying to “reply back” to my post Farley, beginning now I will hide all your posts, so in my world, I get the last laugh… what a day, what a day. time for a beer

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