Dallas, TX - L1 Study Group - June 2008

Any study groups in Dallas, Plano area… I just registered for June 2008 Level 1.

Is there no one from Dallas, TX for CFA L1 June 2008 ??

I am from Plano, Tx.registered for June 2008…still waiting for the curriculum…how far are you on the preparation…do u have finance background…as far it goes for me, nope…i would say a beginner in finance and i know zilch…hoping that the CFA curriculum would cover from the basics…

I’m in Dallas studying for June level I. I am considering taking the class that begins in a couple of weeks. I’m currently on FSA, SS 8. I have the Schweser notes but haven’t looked at them yet. Live in Uptown.

I am in Carrollton (work in Richardson). I took level 1 in Dec, but if I didnt pass I will be taking again in June 2008. I have pretty good background in finance and accouning (I am a CPA). My email is kevin_f1@hotmail.com. Come Jan 23rd, I will know for sure my plans.

I have started with Book 3 on FSA… Should see how it goes… Planning to finish FSA this month…

I am in Fort Worth and looking for a study group for June 08 L1. Any way we can meet mid-way somewhere… Anyone else in Fort Worth looking for a study group?

I just graduated from SMU in December and I’m enrolled in the L1 June '08 exam. Can’t decided if I should get the Schweser notes or not?

So… we should probably plan something if we are going to study together. Achopp, regarding the Schweser notes, I purchased them, and they seem pretty helpful, if only for something to keep me focused on the important stuff. I’m not sure, since we get the curriculum with our test now, if there is anything new or different about the Schweser notes. I haven’t received my curriculum from the CFA institute yet, so I’m not as far along as FinFan (gotten through maybe a good part of Ethics, but only that). Maybe we could get together and go over things sometime in Feburary or early March?

We can catch up for some group study sessions… I haven’t progressed that well considering the amount of time I’ve used up… Started in mid of October… but due to hectic travel schedules, I am kind of lagging behind… I started with CFAI texts but shifted to Schweser eventually as time was a big challenge… I am jus crossing fingers now!